Not a Runner? Not a problem.
We want you on our team!

TeamQuest's Training for Teachers, or T4T, has been created to include everyone in our Quest for Structured Literacy in every classroom... until everyone can read. By joining, you can help raise funds for teachers to gain knowledge and experience in the Structured LiteracyTM approach to reading. IDA knows this is the best approach to teach reading to ALL children, including those with dyslexia, yet many US colleges are NOT teaching Structured LiteracyTM in their teacher education programs.

To join an existing team, enter the team name in the search tab. Contact TeamQuest to start your own fundraiser to provide funding to teachers and students in your community. When you join the movement you will help advance our mission to provide Educator Training, Information and Support, Research, Publications, and Advocacy for all those with dyslexia and other related reading differences.

Structured LiteracyTM is referenced in US educator preparation legislation and recognized in more than 30 countries. This approach is characterized by:
  • Explicit, systematic, and sequential teaching of literacy.
  • Cumulative practice and ongoing review.
  • A high level of student-teacher interaction.
  • Carefully selected examples and to teach essentail strategies.
  • The use of decodable texts.
  • Prompt, corrective feedback.