Support the biggest running event to hit the capital city with TeamQuest at Rock 'n' Roll Washington, D.C.! Whether you are running a different event or doing something other than running, you can do it in support of Rock 'n' Roll D.C. and TeamQuest will help you spread the word. Until everyone can read! on March 10th, 2018.

The fundraising efforts of TeamQuest enable IDA to help create a better future for every child and adult who struggles with dyslexia and other reading difficulties…because reading changes lives! 

We focus on educating parents, teachers and professionals about dyslexia, assuring that structured literacy is embedded in educator training and providing the opportunity for all people to learn to read.

IDA is the authoritative source of current information about dyslexia and other reading challenges. We work every day to respond immediately to people at their point of need with information or referral to available and accessible resources.

We articulate with impatience and clarity that reading is a civil rightWe are committed to educating the general public about the economic impact of learning differences and other negative impacts of dyslexia on society. Our goal is that all stakeholders will realize their full potential and advance our destiny. 

Join the Quest!