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One Team, One Vision, One Goal!
One Team, One Vision, One Goal!

IDA Georgia Peachrunners

Welcome to the IDA Georgia Peachrunners TeamQuest Page!

IDA-Georgia is asking parents, educators and other professionals to join IDA-GA in its mission to help fund structured literacy teacher training in schools across Georgia. We are calling this the Georgia TeamQuest Challenge. Join our IDA Georgia Peachrunners TeamQuest team, and let us know if you have a specific school in mind. The IDA-GA board of directors will then discuss with you ways funds can be directed towards training for teachers in that school.  Visit to learn more about what is meant by the term structured literacy.  

Funds from TeamQuest will also go towards the International Dyslexia Association (IDA)'s national initiatives to help create a better future for every child and adult who struggles with dyslexia and other reading difficulties…because reading changes lives!

We articulate with impatience and clarity that reading is a civil rightWe are committed to educating the general public about the impact of dyslexia on society.

Together we can create a world where everyone can read!

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