Team Jared - Quest for Reading

Global Runner for Global Literacy!
Global Runner for Global Literacy!

Team Jared

In January of 2018 Jared Blank embarked on a quest of global proportion to raise awareness for the many millions struggling with dyslexia. He successfully completed the World Marathon Challenge in which he ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. 

He was one of just 54 super athletes to participant and finished in 12th place overall!

Jared has faced many challenges, diagnosed with dyslexia when he was five years old, Jared learned that, for him, academic success would be a matter of hard work and endurance.

Join Team Jared to show your support for all those struggling with dyslexia.  Your Team will help the International Dyslexia Association bring Structured Literacy to every classroom ... until everyone can read!

Visit to read more about Jared's quest.

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